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Last week we passed through Sebastopol - the place I felt would be my forever home, the place Taliesin was born, the place we moved away from a year ago today...⁣ ⁣ It was good to return, to connect, to play, to eat scones, to feel T’s joy and ease by the sea and among the redwoods...⁣ ⁣ His soul guided us to Sebastapol from within the womb. When I was pregnant, I heard him say that he wanted to be born among the redwoods. And so he was.⁣ ⁣ We found our midwife and our redwood grove as I entered my third trimester. We experienced synchronicity after synchronicity in total flow. Looking back, it all feels like pure MAGIC and a lot of TRUST. ⁣ ⁣ This image was taken in the Peace Garden last week. This Mother Tree holds in her trunk a bit of Taliesin’s umbilical cord - the bit that fell off in the week or so after birth - an offering I made with a song to the Queen and King of Peace on his 40 day ceremony celebrating his journey to this side of LIFE ...⁣ ⁣ That journey, like no other, was an initiation that connected me to miracles, mystery, and motherhood - to the power of creativity in its most real, most awe-inspiring capacity. ⁣ ⁣ Initiations embedded in ritual are sacred moments. They connect us to the living mystery and true magic. They help ground these sacred moments - from the realms of the infinite, into the fleeting moments of the present, into the records of memory...⁣ ⁣ I love simple rituals to honor the living, waking dreams as well as the nighttime dreams. In Awakening Through Dreams, I teach some of my favorite rituals that root and grow your dreams into their fullest, most beautiful expressions. The course is available through the homepage of my website and I’m here to answer any questions you may have. #sweetdreams⁣ ⁣ #beautyloveandmagic⁣ #awakeningthroughdreams⁣ ⁣
DÖRT ODALI COUNTRY VİLLA? 4 odalı 2 salonlu, 2 banyolu, 220 m2 müstakil #country villanın mimarısınde #sağlıklı ve #doğal malzemeler kullanılmıştır. ♻️Yer döşemeleri, tavanlar, doğramalar, kapılar ahşaptır. Alt katta 2 yatak odası, banyo, açık mutfak, yüksek tavanlı #şömineli salon ve veranda; üst katta 2 yatak odası, banyo ve galerili salon, salonda yataklı kanepe bulunmaktadır. Yatak odaları her iki katta da salonla birbirinden ayrıldığından, birden çok aile için konforlu konaklama imkanı sunmaktadır. Evinizi aratmayacak tam donanımlı mutfağında istediğiniz gibi yemekler hazırlayıp, geniş verandasında barbekü yapıp kendi bahçenizde bulunan hamağınızda doğanın keyfini sürebilirsiniz. ? FOUR-BEDROOM COUNTRY VILLA #Healthy and #natural materials have been used in the #architecture of the 220m2 detached country #villa with 4 rooms, 2 living rooms, and 2 bathrooms. Floors, ceilings, joineries, and doors are #wooden. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, open kitchen, patio, and a living room with high ceiling and #fireplace downstairs, and 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room with gallery upstairs. There is a sofa bed in the living room. As the bedrooms are separated from each other through the living room in both floors, they offer a very comfortable accommodation opportunity for multiple families. You can cook whatever you like in the fully-equipped kitchen as you do at your home, have a #barbecue in the large patio, and enjoy the nature in the hammock in your own garden.? #villatatili #airbnb #şehirdenuzak #villakırkpınar #doğalahşap #seyahatblog #gezilecekyerler #tatilvillası #sapanca #holidayvillages #vacationvilla ? ?whatsApp + 905323080092
New House Design for A Family of Three Generations The owner wanted a house large enough to accommodate his family of four and his two parents to take care of, with open living areas, high ceilings, decks, and a modern, innovative design. The site is quietly situated on the hills of the small neighborhood of Tarzana, in the San Fernando Valley region of city of Los Angeles, California. It has breathtaking panoramic views over the valley, with mature trees, and San Fernando mountains. The combination of the steep slope, the erosion scar, and the planning department’s setbacks left an actual building envelope only 60 feet wide by 40 feet deep.This House has been designed to have minimal impact on the hillside soil and landscape. It is set into the slope of the site, with natural materials finishes so it merges in with the surrounding neighborhood and landscape. It is positioned towards the middle of its sizable plot, with glazed that maximize the natural light and make the most of the glorious views. The design of the house consists of 3 different levels, Basement level is underground entrance with living quarter basement that is connected to a covered parking garage, first level is the living accommodation with open-plan great room, kitchen, and dining room has folding doors that open onto the outdoor lounging, swimming pool/spa, outdoor kitchen and fire pit. Second level is a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a private terrace, two further bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, views, and backyard terrace. #johnnykanounji #designbuildstrategies #architecture #architecturedesign #moderndesign #homedesign #tarzana #losangeleshomes #lebanesedesigners #designbuild #developers #homedeveloped #housedevelopment #losangelesdesigner #losangeles #hospitalitydesign #family #home #smallbusiness #restaurantdesigner #homesweethome #realestate #realtors #investors #homeflipper #encino #hollywood #hollywoodstudios #milliondollarlisting #millennials
The kitchen extension leads into the new family living room. The living room used to be the old kitchen and dining area before we started the work on the house. I look forward to sharing the living room space with you all soon ? Have a great evening ? #interiordesign #interior #minimalist #scandinaviandesign #mynordicroom #interiorfollowtrain #white #grey #simpledecor #home #kitchen #kitcheninspo #kitchenisland #germankitchen #luxuryhomes #luxurykitchen #whiteinterior #renovation #homerenovation #skylight #rooflantern #followforfollow #hincharmy #cooking #food #cleaning #succulents #mrshinch
MUD & DUST Day 96: popped by the house today, and it’s is duuuusty! Literally every surface is covered in plaster dust. Looks like the painters have been in patching, sanding and prepping for the painting to start. Fingers crossed for next week ?? . From what I can see the grouting has been finished for all of the tiling. I’m loving the matte white subways in the laundry, they were a good choice. The grouting in the ensuite needs to be cleaned, as it’s looking a bit like dusty mud. There is a section that shows the actual colour of the grount without all the dust. I wondered if the ‘charred ash’ colour grout would make the wall look just flat and grey, but it’s a different tone so you’ll still see the individual tiles. . Holly always gets so excited when we go to the house, wanting to explore. I found her in the dishwasher space, haha, and I got a big smile when she was in her room. . Despite being at ‘lock up’ and some of the external doors (all but the internal garage this time) being locked, the living area windows haven’t been installed yet so I don’t know why they bother locking the doors ??‍♀️ . It was a beautiful day up in the hills - even if it was bloody cold - and I look forward to living here every day. . Hopefully not long to go! . . #hellohenley #henley #monacolux #henleyhomes #halfway #painting #painters #sanding #dusty #building #buildingahome #buildingahouse #foreverhome #followmybuild #familyhome #child #windowsanddoors #progress #tiling #bathroom #greyandwhite
دكوراسيون داخلى منحصربه فرد با تركيب رنگ هاى صورتى و سبز؛ شادى يك خانه زيبا This home is an all encompassing colour combo of solid pink and green volumes. A green living room is filled with green sofas, green curtains, green shelves and a green modern media unit. Even the ceiling is green. Pink sliding doors can be drawn across the entryway to the living room, to screen the green. A minimalist workspace is situated opposite the green living room, hidden inside an entirely pink wall of storage units. The sliding doors were installed so that one person could use the work space and computer and not bother those who are relaxing in the living room. An extendable dining table can be pulled out for use in front of the living room sofa. Fold out dining chairs can be tucked up around the other edges. Slats stripe the tv wall decor. Circular planters dot the other side. Unique plant stands bring the greenery of indoor plants over to the pink side of the open plan. When the pull-out dining table is in use, the end section of the sofa moves out to make space. Perforations pattern the sliding doors. The designers came up with a systemised task space for seasonal seedling nurturing on the balcony. The two colors visually divide the space into clear zones. ‎برترين ژورنال تخصصى دكوراسيون و طراحى داخلى ‎ #طراحی_داخلی #طراحي_داخلي #معماری #دكوراسيون #معماری_داخلی #دكوراسيون_داخلي #دكور #decoracion #decor #cute #ديكورات #لاكچرى #لوكس #دكوراسيون_منزل #طراحى_داخلى #طراحی_دکوراسیون #ساختمان #آرشيتكت #architecturephotography #منزل #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiors #style #design #instagram #چيدمان #دكوراسيون_داخلى #art #طراحی_نما
I’m THAT mom?⠀ ⠀ The mom that hangs with her kiddo while she runs all over the house… and NEVER stops until her head hits the pillow (or sits in the living room eating a snack while I make sure she doesn’t get chocolate on the carpet?)⠀ ⠀ I do everything in my power to be able to LIVE this life WITH Bea rather than watch her from the couch...⠀ ⠀ So if that means hitting play + sweating for 20 mins while she eats a frozen waffle and plays with her “presents” (part of her birthday haul)? ⠀ ⠀ Or as soon as she’s down for a nap, I pull out my to do list and build a thriving business in those precious quiet pockets of the day.⠀ ⠀ This job isn’t about having abs (but they’d be nice, I guess) It’s about living my BEST life as the BEST mom I can be. ⠀ ⠀ To me, my health is EVERYTHING because it allows me to experience everything with HER?⠀ ⠀ And to the mama who is wondering if it’s possible to build a business while working full time or home with your babe + be the healthiest version of you possible.... you CAN ? #ICanShowYou ⠀
Part 3 March 4, 2018, wee hours of the morning. Justus sat with me while I took a warm lavender bath. The warmth helped ease the pain, which was uncomfortable but bearable, like menstrual cramps. We moved to the living room and I sat on the birthing ball and he rubbed my back. I finally felt a peace that this was really happening. We were actually going to have this baby. I think this was the time a began to slip into “labor land,” becoming less aware of the world around me and focusing on the waves of sensations that meant my baby was coming soon. Just before the sun came up we decided to text our support team: the Sigmons who would keep the kids, our parents, and Emily. She arrived first with essential oils, heating pads, and lots of calming encouraging words. Katlyn came next to take the kids back home with her. Before she left, I remember Miss Sunshine kneeling down beside me on the floor and watching my face as I rocked back and forth hugging the birthing ball and sweetly offering me cheerios. Our parents arrived last, and although I definitely wanted their presence, I needed quiet to move through the contractions. So while the men excitedly chatted in the living room, the ladies went back to the bathroom and I labored in the shower. Contractions were definitely intensifying now, and the pressure and warmth of shower was lovely. But nothing helped for very long, so I moved from ball to floor to shower several times. I remember my mom sitting beside the shower and breathing the deep inhales and slow exhales with me. Emily continued her role of promoting a peaceful environment and offering encouragement. She checked my cervix and after having contractions all night long I was disappointed to find I was only 4cm dilated. I was already so tired and I knew I had a long road ahead. I knew a pain medication called Stadol could help me rest before the final stage of labor. So around 2pm we decided to load up and head for the hospital. #growingbabyrowe #birthstory #igavebirth #thisisbirth #doula #birthbecomesher #positivebirth #empoweredmotherhood #motherhoodunfiltered #honestmotherhood #828isgreat #hickorync
“Surrender your creation to a greater mind, planting a seed in the infinite field of possibilities—and just let it go! Finally, bless your body with a new mind. Bless your life, bless your challenges, bless your soul, bless your past, and bless your future. Bless the divine in you, and open your heart and give thanks for a new life before it’s made manifest. Get up from your meditation as though your future has already happened—and let the synchronicities and new possibilities find you."--Joe Dispenza "That you can behold, you can become." - J-R May you behold the abundance, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, riches, and joy, and may you share that with those you find on your path. Peace be still. LLS Richard Powell ALIGNING WITH YOUR INNER WISDOM - ACTIVATING THE POWER OF CO-CREATION This is a new 1 to 1 Life Consulting Mentorship Program. This is a 3 month program designed specifically for you to step into manifesting your Living Vision. We not only will be working with you creating a clear Living Vision but also address the challenges and blocks that can show up as you move toward the Vision. We will be using tools and techniques to assist you in redirecting old habits and misbeliefs to aligning with your Inner Wisdom and Truth that can guide you to your heart’s desire. This is an intensive and powerful program designed for those who are looking to break through old beliefs and structures and to open up to healing, redirecting and building the abundant, healthy and joy filled life that is in alignment with who you truly are. This program is designed for you to naturally step into the Living Vision and be in that place daily. Contact me if you are interested. Art by Tenerife
?New offer! ? ?Investment #offer! Code No:10691 For sale house 3 bedrooms independent built in 2 levels, in the area Foinikaria in Limassol. It has covered area +/- 260 m², plot size +/- 3,900 m², In the ground floor there is kitchen independent, with living room/dining room, and in the living room it has 1 sitting area, fireplace, dining area, guest wc and laundry room. On the first floor, in the master bedroom you can find bathroom, wardrobe and spacious cabinets. Furthermore there are 3 bedrooms with spacious cabinets,2 bathroom,3 WC, sitting area, and covered veranda. Outside has a nice big garden with trees and flowers, with automatic watering system, drilling, large barbecue, pergola, electric awning, there are two outdoor seating set, large storage room, swimming pool and large covered parking for 2-4 cars, with electric gate (control) and electric rail with control.It has distance from the roundabout of Germasogia 7 km or 7 minutes and 10 km or 10 minutes from the beach and the town center. Code No. 10691 Selling Price: €750.000 Nobody knows Real Estate like us! Vilanos Real Estate Agents Ltd Registered & Licensed Real Estate Company Reg.No.525Lic.No.40E Please feel free to call us any time at the telephone: 0035725771188 Skype: VilanosAgents or contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or fax at 0035725773366 Enter the magical world of thousands of real estate properties in our website Company founded in 1969 (45 years of reliability and experience) Limassol Head Office: 275 Agias Phylaxeos Αve Agia Phyla 3116, P.O.Box 56583, 3308 Limassol, Cyprus Trust us! #forsale #House #3bedroom #Finikaria #limassol #cyprus #investment #estate #architecture #homedesign #realestate #elegant #lighting #cozy #decorate #photooftheday #interiorlovers #luxuryliving #luxuryhomes #motivation #homes #inspiration #realtors #dreamhome #дом #منزل #屋 ??️ ?‍? ? ? ✨ ?‍?‍?