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Finish the story by clicking on the blog link in my bio ---- Sinners, Saints and Spaceships I’ll Never Smile Again By Jacob R. Moreno III A thud and a thump from outside my door awoke me, so I pushed the covers from my head, and counted the cracks in the ceiling. They were like tiny roots and branches, in all directions, a network of nerves and veins that stretched the vast regions of the musty hotel. Dawn broke the shadows that danced on the walls and silenced the muffled scratching coming from the next room. My feet slumbered a slight shuffle and slid to the washroom where scalding water rinsed away the night’s sin. Soapy suds pooled and circled the drain, when I stepped out onto the scarred porcelain. I brushed and rinsed, combed and spritzed ---then reached for the grey wool slacks and jacket, hanging next to a lifeless tuxedo. Billfold in pocket, a Hamilton Foster Tank upon my wrist, I tightly tied ash stained wing tips and placed my gutter crown homburg atop my head. I floated passed the doorman, out the vestibule and down the street to the café across from the warehouse lofts above the bridal shop. Each morning, I sat at the sidewalk table closest to the street, sipping Turkish coffee from an espresso cup that sat quaintly upon a white saucer – spoon stirred clink like a wind chime awaiting the show. From the third floor, Tommy Dorsey’s, “I’ll Never Smile Again” played from a phonograph, falling gently like a feather from the wings of an angel. It was then she stepped out the window and onto the fire escape, at exactly 9:39 a.m., every day. #flashfiction #minisaga #ministory #ministories #microstory #microfiction #suddenfiction #fiction #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writers #writersblock #horror #suspense #edgarallanpoe #theraven #nevermore #horrormovies #horrormovie #filmic #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto #sinnerssaintsandspaceships #jacobrmorenoiii
The joys of working from home: I can work literally, on my bed, and to be brutally honest, I haven’t really moved for the past 7 hours. My Apple Watch rings are far from closing, and a client whom I talked on the phone with earlier didn’t recognize my voice - they said I sounded like I partied all weekend ? I still have so much to do after ✈️ home from @imagingusa in Atlanta yesterday- so apologies for my super slow responses. I’m also a few days behind on my @blogilates #100abchallenge but I’ll catch up soon. But check out my last post! I’m still on Cloud 9 from our @amber_concept @imagingusa photography show in Atlanta!! My to do list is off the roof, but I’m so blessed to have met so many people and also to see people from last year. Hugeeeeeee thank you to the legendary photographer @loufreemanphoto with her @_thebigbook — guys, go check her out and follow her!!!! She is phenomenal and exudes this aura & energy that’s indescribable. But most of all - I have to thank the entire #teamatlanta for making this a complete success - @modernvintagephotographer @delumpaphotography @mrsmdeezy @mrjeffdeezy . @amber_concept had the most amazing, hard working and supportive team - they all woke up early with me to stylize the Atlanta @amber_concept product photography shoot, helped run errands, set up my vision of our instsgrammable eco-friendly living wall, helped solve all of our workmanship issues, made breakfast in the morning, helped clean the Airbnb, @modernvintagestylist dressed me up and stylized me in the $15 outfit, and even stayed up late with me working with ? with the wood bees and ladybugs ? & worked out at night with me til like 2-3am for some evenings ??. I know I’m missing a lot more from this list, but you guys are the best. You all worked your butts off from the moment we woke up until the very last second when we said our goodnights. THANK YOU for riding this journey with us through Atlanta!!! You guys are the real MVP’s!!! Thank you to @thejeremyc for all that you do! Also, special thanks to @tauranwoo he’s not shown because @tauranphoto is taking the ?. Tauran made an aftermovie, so stay tuned for that link!!!
THE DIVINE GIFT The world was in death and in need of a saviour, that was the reason Christ came as the only begotten of the Father, Full of Grace and Truth John 1:14. He came in power and came in might to redeem us from the curse Gal.3:13-14, that through the sacrifice of His blood He might redeem us from All hurts. By His cross He paid the sacrifice, forever to liberate us from our fall. Today He is the reason we rejoice because we know in whom our help comes from Psalm 121:1-2. In Him we find the Grace to live each day and the truth to guide us on our way. His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path Psalm 119:105. He is the reason we can draw near to the father because by His Blood He has paved the way for us to call Him Abba Galatians 4:1-6 & Hebrews 10:19-20 Truly, mercy and truth have met; indeed righteousness and peace have kissed Psalm 85:10. For in Christ we find the law fulfilled Rom.10:4 and the ushering in of the latter Rain of Favor, not that we should sin more, rather that we should sin NO More Romans 6:15, perfected through Christ to become inheritors of God Romans 8:15-17. So Never forget to Always remember whose stock you are; of Sarah from the stock of the free born (the Blessed) and not of Agar from the stock of bondage (the cursed) Gal.4:25-31. Thus as you behold Jesus you are transformed 2Cor.3:18, into the same image of His Glory full of Grace and Truth. For if He brought to you the gift of Grace and Truth, the best you could do is to receive it with Gratitude. Jesus Is Lord! #jesussaveslives, #jesuschrist, #faith, #true, #life, #hope, #biblegram, #grace, #faithquote, #tru, #faithquotes, #today, #now, #sarah, #christianity, #death, #christianpost, #rest, #christianposts, #JesusIsLord, #victory, #postoftheday, #christianpoetry, #poetrycommunity, #bondage, #believe, #behold, #latterrain, #world, #free,
❕ ?Y A K U Z A ? Z E R O? ? #RCEa2z DAY 25 - Y: ? ❕ A monthly theme hosted by @Retrocollectiveeurope ? #RetroCollective ❕ Post gamey stuff for each letter from the alphabet starting Feb. 1st with “a” and going from there. Thanks for the inspiration @strillivanilli ? ❕ ❕ ? #YAKUZAZERO ? #YAKUZAKIWAMI❕ ? #PLAYSTATION4 ? #PLAYSTATIOGAMES ? #SEGA ❕❕ ❕ Letter Y is YAKUZA ZERO. I love the Yakuza series. ? The deep story and style is great. ❕ On this pic are some of my japanese items from japan. The katana was a gift from my brother. The Noh Mask i got from Kyoto. The picture says „LOVE“ ? the sake and wooden box „MASU“ was a gift from my japanese brother. ❕ ❕ When u get this as a gift it means something very deep, like real brothers until you die. We know each other for more than 15 years. This gift makes me really proud. When you get this from your japanese friend, you earned deep respect and love. I will do everything for my „KYŌDAI“ ??‍♀️ ❕ The stone is from top of Mt. FUJI-SAN. I climed the mountain in 2012 and it was a spiritual journey. Mt. FUJI-SAN is 3776 meters high ? When you are in Japan do yourself a favor and feel the country in a special way ⛩ ❕ ❕ ? FOLLOW MY RETRO FRIENDS ??? ❕ @candygaly @classicgamingworld @daimakaimura71 @gamesbrickswaxandbeer @jbueno_md @lunaela_ @manuel.quint @mementomori.ix @mortaljinx @pacocyborg @peachy170802 @r3trogirl @retro_gaming @retro.future.gaming @saturnvalleyy @strillivanilli @vegan_hylian @x_bane_x
“Just as fire is extinguished by water, hatred can only be defeated by love and compassion” - Daisaku Ikeda . We have to move away from the narrative of hate. A life for a life does not equal victory, nor does it present a path to peace. Peace will never come from vengeance. It will never come from hatred, from jingoistic rhetoric and from anger. There are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives who are suffering on both sides of any battle. Do not give in to the narrative of hate that only shows you what they want you to see. Move away from the agenda. Move away from the media. Move away from the politics of it all. Move away from the dangerously inflamed rhetoric of hate that allows you to think that this is the real fight. Because it is not. The real fight is to be fought in the hearts of men. Fight hatred in your homes, in your schools, in your neighbourhoods. Fight the prejudice in your own heart and in the hearts of your closest friends, fight to treat another person with respect and to believe in the dignity of their life, no matter how different they are from you. Fight every single day for the truth that you want to build the world on. Take the fight into your everyday life and give out more love each day than you come back with. Fight to bring up our youth with open hearts and minds. Fight to break the walls of distrust that have been planted by people who had no right to a place in our hearts. Fight every single day to break this dishonest narrative of hate that they want to feed us. Move away from this narrative that makes it so convenient for you to have an opinion without actually going to battle. Fight to make a new narrative. Bring back hope. And trust. And friendship. If you must fight, fight the good fight. . #thisiswhyipractisebuddhism #nichirenbuddhism #buddhism #sgi #bharatsokagakkai #peace #peacenotwar #warisnottheanswer #poetryforpeace #poetrygram #poetsofinstagram #instapoet #instagood #poetrytribe #herheartpoetry #fightforpeace #poetsforpeace #thegoodfight #fighthatred #bekind #loveoverhate #warisnottheanswer #india #pakistan
This dish is brilliant! It’s titled “Cold Spaghetti at 4,295 km.” The distance references the cumulative distance that all of the ingredients are sourced from around Italy which reflects the chef’s philosophy of not always sourcing hyperlocal, but always sourcing the best possible ingredients. — — — Cold spaghettini (from Gragnano) in tomato water (tomatoes from San Marzano), with cirmolo-smoked oil (oil from Imperial, smoking wood from San Cassiano), basil mayonnaise (basil from Soverato, eggs from the local region of San Cassiano) and raw prawns from Porto Santo Spirito. It’s all served in a clear dish over a map of Italy with information about the regions sourced for the ingredients. — — — The whole meal at La Siriola, like this dish was brilliant. The service was friendly and perfect. And we especially loved the “progressive dinner” with trips to the cheese and chocolate rooms for courses. — — — La Siriola. San Cassiano, Italy. ?? 2 Michelin Stars. — — — #lasiriola #dolomites #sancassiano #italy #italian #italianfood #spaghetti #michelin #michelinstar #foodlove #feedfeed #chefstagram #chefplateform #artofplating #foodpic #picoftheday #ig_italia #instafood #f52grams #foodphotography #foodphoto #internationalcuisine #dinner #tastingmenu #progressivedinner #italia #foodporn #eeeeeats #instagood
Get to know our in house Massage Therapist! Alisha Dawn McKenzie has always been attuned and fascinated with the human body and is a strong believer in the power of bridging the gap between mind-body connectivity. Her continuing education always inspires her passion to seek an opportunity to apply therapeutic relief and to help the people she connects with, be inspired toward their personal wellness in getting back to what they love to do! Her heavy background in dance and the performing arts has made her keenly aware of the stressors that can develop over time in the body. From a young age, she studied at the Denver School of the Arts with a background in the Performing Arts where she majored in vocals and minored in dance. In her 8th grade year, her Anatomy teacher asked a massage therapist to come into class, to better illustrate how everything is connected and works together. From the minute the therapist spoke she felt a resonance within and from the exercises that were demonstrated, she practiced on her friends, classmates and at times instructors and directors. All responded welcomingly and graciously. From there she continued work in the performing arts, then went into the service industry until the last 4 years where she decided to attend the Colorado School of Healing Arts to receive her license in massage therapy. There, she passionately studied Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish. After graduating from CSHA she found her skills leading to all things concerning myofascial and how to better engage and balance the tensile structures of the human body. Ardently following the belief that it is critical to foster an environment of safety, trust and honest communication so that growth happens on a deeper level. Before her enthusiast partnership with Accelerate Health, she worked at Hand and Stone and CSHA Professionals Clinic. Alisha also enjoys volunteering at Health and Sports related events doing chair/massage and taking webinars in continuing education to advance her passion for soft tissue manipulation. Apart from her renewing work in massage therapy she very much enjoys listening to music/comedy, going on very lengthy walks
Recap of another amazing London tasting… This time it’s Armit Wines’ Italian Portfolio tasting, which covered a staggering amount of star producers from all over the country. Pretty much everything from the cult producers like Bruno Giacosa, Tua Rita, Dal Forno, Giacomo Fenocchio, Roagna to more under the radar producers. Aside from the cult wines, including Tenuta San Guido and Ornellaia and after being blown away from incredible wines like 2009 Dal Forno Amarone and 2011 Giacosa Asili Barolo, there were two under the radar producers that caught my attention. One was Tiberio from central Abruzzo. They take a purist approach by using fruit only from a massal selection of old vines, vinifying their wines with wild yeast and without using any wood for ageing. Their top end wine Colle Vota is a clean, mineral driven and a complex joy. Sounds familiar? It is refreshing to see that a similar approach is taken in this region after the legend of Emidio Pepe. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is no more your rustic, cheap glass of Italian red. Second one was the biodynamic producer from Piemonte called Punset, which makes a beautifully complex and a clean Barbera as well as a terrific Barbaresco. Biodynamic winemaking can yield pretty amazing results regarding the classic red wines of the region. It is great to see that it’s getting more and more common. Roagna’s incredibly elegant, fresh and complex whites wines from the emerging white grape Timorasso were maybe one of the best white wines with oak ageing I have ever had. The surprise of the night was the amber Arneis of Giacomo Fenocchio. It was a properly made orange wine, but quite typical of its counterparts, so not offering any unusual or unique aromas. It does seem to me that most new orange wines made by classic producers tend to be quite similar and linear, compared to their more natural counterparts from central Italy. I guess it’s because that it’s a fairly new trend and a fairly risky style of wine to make. But, let’s hope the amber wine movement doesn’t fall into the trap of boring linearity, and finds its unique niche organically.
We live in paradoxes . There is a constant struggle to confine , to find security , to create walls around and then try to open them without windows and doors to see the outside or go outside . The choice is to be in and out at the same time so says Balkrishnan Doshi the eminent architect . I don’t know about you but I love to see the outside from the inside . Years ago when the house was built I ambitiously requested the architect to have lavish balconies , sit outs and large windows . He politely told me we can just build the foundation and roof , with size of the windows and other requirement you have ,there is no space for walls . Rude man . So what if the land was so tiny . We compromised on a large French door on the first floor from where you stepped out - into space. So man of the house into whose department comes security had a grill door made and locked and threw away the keys . I spent my sad moments peaking out from the grill .Years later after a renovation the tiny house has a tiny balcony and large window from which I bring the outside into the tiny inside . Now from the front door one can get straight onto the sofa . But so what - I can see the green from inside . #mygreentreasure #myhomevibe #plantsandmore #plantsmakepeoplehappy #newinteriorsontheblock #indianantiques # #mycovetedhome #housebeautiful #housetohome #myhomevibe #myindidecor #finditstyleit #hyggehome #pocketofmyhome #smallspaceliving #homesweethome #mydesiswag
***NEW MUSIC VIDEO*** Today the Boys and I released the new video for our song, “It’s Not the Years, Honey... It’s the Mileage.” The title is a line from a James Paterson book I read in jail, which is actually a line from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which is probably taken from somewhere else, but that’s the history I’m aware of... I wrote this song about a very unpleasant break up and an even more unpleasant bus ride from Minneapolis to New York City.... With a @spkmatsson ticket I stole from my then new ex, some space reserved on @themattcarr’s floor and $202 in my pocket I hopped the @megabus to China Town in Chicago. From there I got on a bus with no AC, no outlets and a no opened window rule. I had no problem with this, as the bus only had about 10 people on it. So I slept. I was awoke by someone hitting me and when I came to I found the entire bus was completely packed and a very large woman, who did not speak any English, was Insisting that I get up and let her sit next to me... I spent 24 hours jammed in a windowless window seat with a dead phone, my knees to my chest and no interest from my seat companion... all worth it, though. The concert is among one of my favorites of my life. The show was sold out, aside from the one seat that was next to me. The voicemail in the song is quite real and was received during the show... Life is strange. I slept the entire bus ride back. It was perfect.... you can watch the video via the link in my bio. . . . . . #minneapolis #jordancarr #theboys #nyc #megabus #bus #thetallestmanonearth #mattcarrphotography #gcp #squire #indianajones #raidersofthelostark #ex #newyorkcity #manhattan #chinatown #chinatownnyc #chicago